We, at Island Media Solutions, are dedicated to providing our clients with affordable, reliable, high quality photography and imaging services. We are a all-in-one solution for realtors, vacation rentals, land-owners, and developers. We offer affordable real estate photography packages, as well as aerial 3D topographic imaging. With interactive 3D topographic imaging, measurements like area, volume, grade, elevation, etc. are just a click away. Farmers can also benefit from a detailed 3D model of their crops and surrounding land. Never before has this kind of data been accessible so quickly and accurately. Our mission is to make this cutting edge technology accessible to our local communities.

Our Company

Dylan Shropshire and Reid Nakamura have been friends since they met in high school at Hawaii Preparatory Academy in Kamuela. There they were pushed to study hard, think for themselves, and be independent.

Reid went on to study at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating, he spent 5 years traveling to most regions of Japan as a photographer for a travel advertising company. During this time, he worked in many areas of photography including studio work, product photography, food, architecture, portraits, and more.

Dylan went on to study international business and finance at the University of Hawaii, Shidler College of Business. After college he went on to become quite the entrepreneur, and is currently a farmer, real estate agent, and developer. His experience in these industries allowed him to see a need for affordable imaging services.

Together, they bring to you Island Media Solutions, a company dedicated to serving the local community with high quality and affordable photography and imaging services.